Founded in 1998, PAUL M. AMBROSE ANTIQUES specializes in the sale of high quality, original European and American, Antique Guns, Antique firearms and Antique weapons. Created with the customer in mind, it is our duty to provide the customer with the honesty and integrity he deserves. Too often, in today's business world, this is not always the practice. I have been an avid collector of antiques, particularly firearms, for more than thirty-five years; and like all collectors, I expect my purchases to be accurately described and fairly priced. I believe that my business is a reflection of this commitment and I'm sure you will too.

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A VERY FINE & RARE EARLY 17th CENTURY/THIRTY YEAR WAR PERIOD DUTCH/GERMAN MILITARY PADDLE-BUTT WHEELOCK PETRONEL/CARBINE, ca. 1630: In overall very fine, untouched condition with generally smooth, bright, steel surfaces, sharp contours and nicely sculpted steel mounts. Early 17th Century, molded and carved, light-colored, fruitwood fullstock of early Dutch/German “Paddle-butt” Military Carbine-form with a sculpted Paddle-form buttstock. Full martial-type, iron mounts: a pin-fastened, sheet-iron buttplate, its matching, sculpted, screw-fastened trigger-guard, a single barrel-form sheet-iron ramrod-pipe and its original sheet-steel fore-end-cap, en suite. Early 17th century, "Dutch" Wheelock mechanism/lock, with a streamlined lockplate, an exposed wheel with a bottom-mounted wheel-bridle and a sculpted dog-- of classic Northern European German/Dutch form. Octagonal to round, .57 caliber, 23 1/8", pin-fastened, sighted, smoothbore, iron barrel with sharp contours and a fine bore & touch-hole. Retains untouched steel surfaces with scattered discoloration/mottling and a smooth "bright" age-patina with 75%+ polish: the breech with a clearly struck (German?) "P" Arsenal/Maker's mark (Stockel #8094) a Nuremburg, Germany marking, found on a wheelocks, ca. 1590 (Please see E. Heer's: "Der Neue Stockel", vol. 2, pg. 994). Paddle-Butt Carbine/Petronel-form fullstock with 85%+ finish, nicely carved contours and a slender fluted forestock. Fine stock with smooth surfaces, sharp contours, some scattered light handling marks and expected signs of military use: several old tight hairlines. Complete with its original wooden ramrod with its turned and sculpted iron tip. Fine martial type iron mounts: the trigger-guard with a large "spoon-type" bow and a sculpted round finial. The matching buttplate, ramrod-pipe and muzzle-band with smooth untouched steel surfaces. In overall very fine condition with choice, steel and wooden surfaces throughout. Some scattered handling marks, expected signs of use and light scattered patches of discoloration to the metal surfaces. A very fine & rare example of a 30-Years War Period Dutch/German Military Wheelock Petronel/Carbine, ca. 1630. For a similar example, please see: M. L. Brown’s: “Firearms in Colonial America…”, pg. 87. Overall length 35".

Price: $16,775.00

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