Founded in 1998, PAUL M. AMBROSE ANTIQUES specializes in the sale of high quality, original European and American, Antique Guns, Antique firearms and Antique weapons. Created with the customer in mind, it is our duty to provide the customer with the honesty and integrity he deserves. Too often, in today's business world, this is not always the practice. I have been an avid collector of antiques, particularly firearms, for more than thirty-five years; and like all collectors, I expect my purchases to be accurately described and fairly priced. I believe that my business is a reflection of this commitment and I'm sure you will too.

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A VERY RARE MID-16th CENTURY GERMAN/ITALIAN LEVER-TRIGGER MILITARY MATCHLOCK ARQUEBUS/MUSKET, ca. 1550: Of Large-size & Heavy "Arquebus" form and the type of Early Matchlock Musket used with a Rest/Musket-Fork. In overall very good+ untouched condition with smooth and dark metal and wooden surfaces. Heavy, 46 1/2" smoothbore, .80 caliber, octagonal, pin-fastened, iron barrel with its original sculpted rear and fore-sight and an integrally forged, iron powder-pan with its original, manually rotated, pan-cover and matching powder-fence. The breech-top with an "R" maker's mark within a circular cartouche and is also, marked with a deeply struck, early style, Shield type (German) "City Control Marking" (Nuremburg?) within a shield. Molded and carved, black-colored (Ebonized), walnut/hardwood fullstock of Mid-16th century Musket design with a simply sculpted butt-stock and a carved & faceted forestock with an integrally carved ramrod channel. Retains very good wooden surfaces with 85%+ finish, sharp contours, minor old repairs, light scattered worming and expected handling-marks, and signs of use/light wear. The lock of early, 16th century, rectangular design with its forged and chiseled original serpentine with a chiseled base and deeply fluted head and its original jaw-screw. Flat rectangular lockplate secured by its two (2) original screws and the Lever-type trigger with a pointed chiseled finial. In overall very good+ untouched condition. The barrel with a smooth steel-gray age-patina and some light surfaces stains and patches of discoloration: a fine bore and touch-hole. The stock with very good wooden surfaces, 85%+ finish, sharp contours and some wear, handling marks and scattered hairlines. The lock, barrel, trigger and hardware with a matching, smooth gunmetal-gray patina overall. In mechanically functional order with a strong mainspring and fine timing: complete with its original components, including its iron-tip, wooden ramrod. A very rare example of an Authentic Mid-16th Century Lever-Trigger Military Matchlock Arquebus/Musket, ca. 1550. Overall length 61 1/2". (***A very similar example, believed to have been used at Plymouth, Mass, is in the Pilgrim Hall Collection and is pictured in Harold L. Peterson’s: “Arms and Armor in Colonial America 1526-1783”, on pg. 14 Plt. 12; and another nearly identical example is pictured on pg. 51 of "The Treasury of the Gun" also, by Peterson).

Price: $17,575.00

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