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A VERY GOOD VICTORIAN ERA/17th CENTURY GERMAN STYLE WHEELOCK HOLSTER PISTOL, ca. 1630-1890:: A very nice quality untouched example with a three-stage, octagonal-to-round-to-round, pin-fastened, 12 1/2", iron, smoothbore, .52 caliber barrel with a “HV” maker's mark, on the top of the barrel-tang. The marking similar to “Stockel” Numbers: 3146 & 3150. Dutch-type 17th Century lock with exposed wheel and delicate graceful lines of, ca. 1630. The tail of the lock and forward of the wheel with an “HV” (within a rectangular cartouche) maker’s mark. A chiseled bridle and dog with a matching sculpted spring. Victorian era, molded and carved, Fruitwood fullstock of Military “Dag” Pistol design with a flat profile and simply molded and incised carved contours. Adorned with numerous brass rosette inlays and incised flutes, along the forestock. Some scattered light handling marks and minor abrasions. Retains 85% finish with sharp contours and simple raised carvings, around the lock and the sidebolts. Martial type, full iron mounts/furniture: a screw-fastened “L”-shaped trigger-guard, a pin-fastened cup-type butt-cap and a single baluster-type brass ramrod pipe. Retains a wooden ramrod with a sheet-steel tip of 17th Century military form. In overall fine untouched condition. The stock retains most of its finish and exhibits some light scattered handling marks and minor abrasions. Smooth iron surfaces with sharp contours, nicely aged gunmetal-gray patination and clear markings. Overall length, 20". A decorative example of a Victorian era/17th Century German martial-style Wheelock Pistol from the 30 Years War Period, ca. 1630-1890. For similar style examples, please see Claude Blair’s “Pistols of the World” & M. L. Brown’s: “Firearms in Colonial America”.

Price: SOLD

A VERY SCARCE LATE 16TH/17TH CENTURY GERMAN GANG-TYPE BULLET MOLD, ca. 1590-1640: In overall fine lightly cleaned condition. Of typical 16th/17th century form with two, long, rectangular mold-sections bored with six (6) cavities for .50 caliber balls. 6", hand wrought, integral handles with a central-mounted rivet/pivot. In overall fine condition with smooth, lightly pitted and discolored surfaces: retains a pleasing silver-gray age patina overall. The mold with fine cavities and a tight fit: the tip with its original securing pin, for locking the halves. A very scarce example of an authentic 16th-147th century German bullet mold, ca. 1590-1640. The type of bullet mold used with a Wheelock, Matchlock or Early Flinlock Arm. Overall length, 12 1/2"

Price: $1,250.00

A FINE & RARE LATE 16th/EARLY 17TH CENTURY GERMAN/ITALIAN COMBINATION MILITARY WHEELOCK SPANNER, SCREW-DRIVER & POWDER-MEASURE, ca. 1580-1620: In overall fine+ untouched condition with richly toned, smooth, steel surfaces and a finely turned and forged body. Of classic Late 16th/Early 17th Century Military form with a three (3) different-sized Spanner-key-head with a integral Screw-Driver, on its tip. Finely turned, and sculpted, sliding, sheet-steel, tubular barrel/powder-measure with a graduated rectangular shaft with numerous piercings/stops. The upper end of the barrel retains its original spring-operated cut-off mechanism and is fitted with its original lanyard-ring. In overall fine+ untouched condition with choice, smooth, deeply toned, steel surfaces with a fine age-patina, minor signs of use and handling. A very nice example of a Rare 16th Century German/Italian Combination Military Wheelock Spanner, Turn-screw & Powder-Measure, ca. 1580. Overall Length, 6 1/4” closed (9” fully extended).

Price: $1,775.00

A SCARCE 17TH CENTURY GERMAN COMBINATION WHEELOCK SPANNER, HAMMER & SCREWDRIVER, ca. 1600: In overall very good untouched condition with lightly mottled, smooth steel-gray surfaces and a finely chiseled and turned body. Of typical 17th century “T”-Shaped form with a hand wrought, integrally forged hammer-head with Wheelock Spanner-keys-- for two different sized spindles; and a finely turned and sculpted barrel with a flared screwdriver blade, at its base. In overall very good untouched condition with generally smooth, lightly oxidized surfaces and a silver-gray age patina. Overall a very nice example of an authentic 16th-17th century German Combination Wheelock Spanner, ca. 1600. Overall Measurements, 6 1/8" x 2”.

Price: $1,000.00

A VERY EARLY NORTHERN ITALIAN 14th/15th CENTURY VASE-TYPE IRON HAND-CANNON, ca. 1425: In overall fine and untouched condition. Lightly oxidized and patinated surfaces with the expected discoloration and scattered pitting and roughness. Of very early, 14th/15th Century, small-sized, Vase-Type form: having a wrought forged, twisted, bulbous-type, iron barrel with a slightly irregular muzzle and a pronounced twisted midsection. Top-mounted, vent-type touch-hole and a smoothbore, 1.00 caliber bore. The exterior surfaces with an untouched, chocolate-brown age-patina and the expected signs of wear from use. In overall fine untouched condition with light to moderate pitting an untouched russet-brown patina and scattered forge-roughness, bore-irregularity and wear. Exhibits a hand-forged wrought-iron "twist" pattern with evident hammer-marks and the expected roughness/rust stains. Overall length 5 3/4". An extremely rare, early and original 14th/15th century European (Northern Italian) Hand-Cannon, ca. 1425. Rarely seen outside of large European Estate or Institutional collections. For a similar example, please see Dudley Pope's: "Guns".

Price: $9,575.00

A VERY GOOD 16TH CENTURY GERMAN (SAXON) STAGHORN INLAYED CROSSBOW, ca. 1575: In overall very good generally untouched condition. Fine quality staghorn inlayed, 16th century, tiller type cheekstock of classic German form. The borders and body with extensive, staghorn inlayed, panels; and the body with a staghorn quarrel-channel and an early type, iron bow-release. The sides of the tiller with classic “van dyke” pattern inlays of red & black (ebony) wood; and the fore-end-tip with its iron hook for the attachment of a cranequin winding device: the rear sides of the tiller with their two (2), matching, steel winding-pegs. Heavy, forged, iron bow with untouched, smooth, russet-toned, steel surfaces, some light patches of discoloration and marked with a stylized Wheel form maker’s mark (Stockel # 6453), along its top edge. The marking that of a series of known Saxon Crossbow makers, who worked, ca. 1575-1700. (Please see E. Heer’s: “Der Neue Stockel” vol. 2, pg. 1473). Complete with its original braided hemp bow-bindings and its original, braided, waxed hemp bow-string. Later “Post” type trigger with rust patinated surfaces, en suite with the bow. Adjustable, brass and steel, rear sight and retains part of its leather bolt-clip. In very good untouched condition with scattered abrasions, the expected handling marks, old repairs, scattered worm holes and signs of use/wear. A scarce example of an original 16th Century German Crossbow, ca. 1575. Overall length 24". The bow is 20". For similar examples and additional information, please see Claude Blair’s: “European & American Arms…” & Sir Ralph Payne-Gallwey’s: “The Crossbow”.

Price: $8,775.00

A RARE 30 YEAR WAR PERIOD GERMAN/DUTCH WHEELOCK MILITARY OFFICER’S GRADE HOLSTER PISTOL, ca. 1630: In overall near excellent condition with “bright” steel surfaces with approx. 90%+ polish and a very fine molded and tastefully carved fruitwood fullstock of classic 17th century form. A well crafted and very fine quality Martial type wheelock Officer’s pistol with a lightly engraved, octagonal to round, .58 caliber, 14 1/2“, smoothbore, pin-fastened barrel. Finely molded and carved, fruitwood fullstock with deeply fluted raised contours and incised line accents, around the mounts and mortises. Lightly etched and engraved, full steel mounts/furniture with sharp contours and 90%+ finish: An early form Stirrup-type buttcap with a floral engraved pommel and short side-terminals. An angular Screw-fastened trigger-guard with a faceted bow. Two sculpted ramrod pipes and a incised muzzle-band. In overall near excellent condition with sharp contours, the lightest of handling marks and 90+ finish. Very fine quality, floral-engraved Wheelock mechanism of classic Dutch-variant with an exposed wheel, a streamlined & beveled lockplate and a finely sculpted, bottom-mounted wheel-bridle. Automatic pan-cover, a nicely sculpted dog and complete with its two sidebolts. Original iron-tip wooden ramrod. Overall length 22”. A rare example of a very well-preserved German/Dutch Wheelock Officer’s Grade Holster Pistol, ca. 1630: of the type associated with the 30 Years War, the English Civil War and Early Colonial America. A Rare martial type Wheelock pistol in excellent condition.

Price: SOLD

AN EARLY 17th CENTURY/30-YEARS WAR PERIOD GERMAN MILITARY WHEELOCK PISTOL, ca. 1620: Of very large size with a round, pin-fastened, 17", iron, smoothbore, .52 caliber barrel with smooth steel surfaces, sharp contours and a fine touch-hole. Typical German/Dutch military lock with an exposed wheel and a flat, faceted and streamlined profile: and a nicely chiseled side-mounted wheel-bridle. The lock with choice, smooth, steel-gray surfaces, 75%+ “bright” finish and some light scattered patches of discoloration. Nicely figured, original, Fruitwood fullstock of Military Wheelock Pistol design with a “Dag”-type, flat, Fish-tail butt, sharp molded and carved contours, 75%+ finish, some scattered handling marks, light abrasions/minor age-shrinkage and a small old repair, at the left side of the fore-end-tip. Martial-type iron furniture of 17th Century design: an angular screw-fastened trigger-guard, a brazed iron, band-type butt-cap with an iron pommel-stud--- vent-pick? A Single sheet-iron ramrod pipe and a matching muzzle-band: retains both its iron sidebolts with matching steel-gray surfaces. Original, turned and brazed, iron tip, wooden ramrod with smooth oxidized, wooden surfaces and some light abrasions. In overall very good/fine condition. The stock with 75%+ finish, some scattered handling marks, minor gouges and the expected signs of military use. Smooth, steel-gray, iron surfaces with 75%+ polish and some light scattered discoloration/age-staining. Of very large size, measuring 25" overall. A scarce 17th-Century German/Dutch martial Wheelock Pistol from the Early Colonial/30 Years War Period, ca. 1620. For similar examples, please see A. Hoff's: "Dutch Firearms" & M. L. Brown’s: “Firearms in Colonial America…”.

Price: SOLD

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